The Clear Aligner Bootcamp

Your Secret Weapon to Double Your Clear Aligner Case

The Clear Aligner Bootcamp

Your Secret Weapon to Double Your Clear Aligner Case

program highlights


6 Months of Accountability Coaching Calls

Bi-weekly coaching sessions to keep you and your team on track and motivated.


Comprehensive Whole Practice Training & Video Lessons

In-depth training materials to give to a new team member or watch again until you have mastered the content! 


Step-by-Step Implementation Guide and Ongoing Support

Get the formula for consistent success with the implementation guide!


Proven Templates, Contracts, and Trackers

Tried and tested resources to streamline your processes and make them easy to implement!


Access to a Group Chat

Get quick answers to your questions from Allison and the Clear Coaching Team.


Custom Practice Goal & Production Tracker

What gets measured grows, and what gets scheduled gets done!


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The Roadmap to Realigning your practice

Realign Your Vision

We will get clear on your practice’s vision, mission, values and goals to ensure that your entire coaching experience is designed to accelerate the achievement of fulfilling your unique business vision.

Realign Your Culture

Create a powerful and purposeful culture to allow your practice, team, and YOU to thrive. You deserve to enjoy your work life and family! Create a culture that helps you have more joy and less stress every day!

Realign Your Team

Your team is the foundation for your success in your practice! Realign your team to your vision, goals, mission, and see the success of your practice flourish with a happier team, happier patients, and higher production!

Realign Your Systems

If you want to achieve something once - set a goal. If you want continued success - create systems! Set the systems in your practice for repetitive, consistent, and easy success!

Here's a glimpse of what's inside the program


Team Energy and Alignment
How to Get Buy In 
Why Clear Aligner

  • Comprehensive Care for Patients
  • Malocclusion, Longevity & Airway
  • Confidence & Culture
  • Working As A Team - Scheduling For Success


Powerful Goal Setting, Role Delegation and Clinical Skills

  • Office Manager Training / Treatment Coordinator Training
  • Dental Hygienist Training
  • Dental Assistant Training
  • Dental Administrator Training
  • ​Scanning Skills
  • ​Bonding Skills
  • ​De Bonding Skills
  • ​IPR & Aligner Checks


Seamless Scanning Systems & Utilizing Your Scanner

  • How To Scan Every Patient With Ease
  • Utilizing The Tools
  • Communicating To Specific Conditions
  • Troubleshooting & Caring For ITero


Consults That Close

  • Clear Coaching Framework Of A Consult
  • Mental Preparation & Confidence For Consults
  • Systems To Close The Consult
  • It's Not Now It's Not Never - Follow ups that actually work


Financials Of Aligners

  • Profit Margins And Bill Paying - How To Make It Profitable
  • Presenting Financials
  • Third Party Financing
  • Handling Insurance Questions


Marketing And Special Events

  • Social Media That Makes You Stand Out
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Hosting Invisalign Days
  • Branding For Success

For Your Convenience: Explore Our Two Payment Options Below and Start Seeing Results!

Pay In Full Option

$6000 USD

Payment Plan

$1,200 USD/mo

Double Your Clear Aligner Starts in 2024 with the 6 Month Clear Aligner Leadership Bootcamp!

Get the Support & Accountability You Need

6 months of weekly coaching calls, systems, checklists, and processes to implement in your practice to jump your status by July 2024! 

Money Back Guarantee 

We believe in these systems so much that If you don’t make your investment back in 6 months - you get your money back! (Conditions apply)

Powerful Team Training

Get your entire practice on board with the weekly coaching calls and online education platform that will have everyone on the same page and taking charge in the Clear Aligner process! 

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About The Program

- Dr. Amanda Hill

- Dr. Peggy Bown

Program Sponsor

Up to 24 hours of CE!

Meet Your Coach: Allison Lacoursiere

Allison has helped hundreds of practices achieve their goals all through North America. As a previous dental assistant, orthodontic assistant, treatment coordinator, office manager, and now professional coach, she knows how to systemize and implement change in the practice - while having fun!

This program is designed to grow the team into Clear Aligner Leaders so they can feel empowered with the mindset and skillset to reach your clear aligner goals!

We are so confident you will grow so much during this time - we are willing to guarantee that you will make back your investment! 

Are You Ready To Grow Your Practice?

If you don't make your investment back in 6 months - you get your money back!*

*Conditions Apply


What if I don't make back my investment?

This program is roughly the start of ONE Clear Aligner case, and we are sure that if you show up for this program, watch the videos, attend the coaching calls, and DO THE WORK - you will not only make back your money, but you will make a lot more through this investment! If you show up to the coaching calls, watch the training, and DO THE WORK, and nothing happens? We will refund you your money! 

What will we learn in the program?

The program is designed to create all of the systems and operations of the Clear Aligner program. Your team will have access to training that will guide them through their role, the why of Clear Aligners, and how to do more of them immediately! 

Who is this program for?

Everyone is invited to the group coaching call every Tuesday at 12 pm ET to learn the weekly lesson and apply it! If you miss the lesson - no problem - it will be recorded for you to go back and watch it repeatedly! If you have a new team member start? They can go back and watch the entire program! 

How long do I have access to the materials?

For as long as the program is alive! You can rewatch any of the videos through years to come! 

How many hours of CE can we expect?

You will earn up to 24 hours of CE.

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